The Approach

Deciding on the design of a home can be a great challenge, one of the biggest challenges a couple will undertake together or an individual will take alone, with lots of big decisions. If you’ve made it to this article, then you’ve likely settled on a traditional design. Even if you’ve accepted that limit, you’ve only begun. The key to success is making a choice and sticking to it.

You’ve decided on a place, even though there are many other wonderful places you could chose. There’s a wonderful little town in southern Ireland called Corn. You could live there. Paestum, Italy is beautiful, as is Sart-Dames-Avelines in Belgium. But you have a place and perhaps a partner in that place, so those place and the people who live there don’t matter in the design of your home. Continue from there with the same elimination. Stately or romantic. Vertical or horizontal. Choose and move ahead. Explore your options, consider them with clear visual aids (which is why the designer’s graphic skills are so valuable to the process) and move ahead toward your goal.

Meet the Designer

I cherish home. I have always been a homebody, wanting to be nowhere more than at home. I have always striven for the opportunity to spend the greatest portion of my time in my own home. Home is where we’re most comfortable in our most comfortable clothes. It is where we are most likely to sing out loud if we’re no good at it and where baby talking to our kids and then our pets when our kids have out grown it brings us true joy. It is where we wash away our stresses and where we take in the things that give use pleasure. To facilitate your design of that place for you would bring me the greatest delight.


Twenty-five years of large and small, solitary and communal residential design

Large Houses

Through the years I have worked with several gifted designers and have had the opportunity to work on some large residences.

Small Houses

I have also experienced the challenge of providing comfort in a smaller and more affordable design.


And I have worked on many large-scale residential projects with twenty, thirty, forty, or more individual dwellings within. The challenge was always the same: Home!

Next Step…

Please give me a call and let’s have a chat about your needs for home.