The Beverly – Current Work-in-Progress

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The Ridgefield has a wonderful second-floor gazebo ideal for dinner in the fresh air or family game night.

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The Smithy

The Smithy is a 2000 square foot home with open first floor plan and a nice little library/study nook at the top of the stairs.

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Welcome to Architectural Graphic Services

Our goal is to develop customized home designs that reflect a family’s lifestyle in a boldly traditional style. Appreciating the elegance of tried and proven aesthetics doesn’t mean that you don’t eat dinner on the sofa while watching Netflix, that you have to be timid or cautious with your lifestyle, or that you have to spend a fortune on elaboration.

The beautiful old homes we love and cherish don’t look the way they do because the folks who built them were technically or intellectually limited. They look as they do because beauty and elegance was the goal.

Whether your lifestyle necessitates a home office suitable for client meetings or a room for VR space invader battles, we would like to be part of its design.

First Step…

Give us a call, Let’s get together and see what we can come up with.